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ORM is the business process of monitoring, analyzing and generating a reviews across multiple websites, with supporting a company’s marketing strategy and improving business performance.

In research found 70 percent people won’t make any decision beforee they read reviews. And according to the online review survey,90 percent people saying negative reviews has convinced to avoid a business.

If you are managing a big business or small business, its clear that online reviews have a direct impact on your business reputation and revenue.

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Attract More Reviews With Review Management Services

Number of consumers search products and companies online before making the purchase decision.

If you have business page in social pages and other platforms then you are able to reach a new customers drive traffic for your website, and increasing sales.

But if you want to attract your customers, you need a system for managing and responding to reviews.

With ORMs from Anlitiqs, our team experts will evaluate your online visibility and implement a RMs to take your business to the next level.

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