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Anlitiqs is one of the leading geofencing advertising company that completely focuses on the comprehensive growth of another company. Anlitiqs provide you geofencing Advertising services, aimed your industry events, competitors’ locations, and more with preciseness.We targeting the people who visits the locations that the conclusions is your “target audience to help your company in reaching your goals, drive the revenue and leads”.

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Drive your Business with Competitor Geofencing Advertising

The Key of a successful advertising campaign is cleanness.

Our competitor geofencing advertising services targeting customized audienceand location with cleanness. A well-planned ad campaign targets a precise location, based on the research of your competitors’ location, and get a result “higher ROI” (return on investment).

Our Custom competitior Geofencing Advertising Campaigns offer you cleanness targeting for digital ads. It must includes:

Even the smaller locations, as small as 200 square feet.

A extensive research into competitor locations, along with a custom process.

If you’re interested in our competitior geofencing advertsing services, and our innovative strategies for your business.

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